Honorary Cosultants from Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Dr. Gopakumar
Dr. Anjana Bagewadi
Dr. Vaishali Keluskar

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists

Dr. Venkatesh Elluru
Dr. MP Singh
Dr. Ashish Warhekar
Dr. Manish Kanungo


Oracle CBCT is the first maxillofacial imaging center in the Madhya Pradesh and also the first center with CONE BEAM CT system.

Oracle CBCT is India┬┤s most advanced imaging and diagnostic center for the imaging of dental and maxillofacial region. At Oracle CBCT, we utilize the latest state of the art equipment available, which permits the lowest radiation dose possible, while producing the clearest, highest detailed images for better and accurate diagnosis.

Our services include Cone Beam CT, panoramic projection x-rays, cephaolgrams, orthodontic 3D analysis, Cephalometric analysis, implant planning, sinus evaluation, TMJ Analysis and Sialographic Studies. Oracle CBCT lead by the most experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists. We offer unsurpassed experience and expertise in all aspects of CBCT use and image interpretation. A call to Oracle CBCT today puts you in command of the best imaging equipment and a friendly, knowledgeable staff including oral and maxillofacial radiologist.

Contact Us

Dr. Pallavi Shukla
Oracle CBCT

Mob :- +91-80852-53459
Tel :- +91-731-4064488
E-Mail- cbctimaging@gmail.com

Mr. Rakesh Pandey

Mob :- +91 96 85 501366
Tel :- +91-731-4064488
E-Mail- oraclecbct@gmail.com

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Sony show room, Indore - 452001
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2D Imaging

    Panoramic / OPG
    Carpal Index / Wrist X-ray
   Occlusals (maxillary, topographical, and mandiblular)
    Skull: AP, PA, PNS, Lateral Cephalogram and SMV
    Cephalometric Analysis
    Sialographic Studies

All views of Maxillofacial and Craniofacial region in desired field of view

CBCT Scan/3D Services
    Whole Maxilla and Mandible
    Specific Region - Maxilla
    Specific Region - Mandible
    Specific Tooth for 3D Scan
    Implant Analysis/ Planning
    Paranasal Sinuses
    TMJ Analysis
    ENT Analysis
    Sialography : Parotid/Submandibular


All 3D and 2D images are interpreted and reported by experienced maxillofacial radiologists having clinical experience with the use and applications of CBCT technology. These reports are made available in various options to suit the requirements of the referring doctors.

Digital Radiography
    Lateral Cephalogram
    Lateral Cephalogram With Analysis
    PA/AP/PNS/SMV Views
    Wrist X-Ray


With multiple field of views otorhinologists and surgeons dealing with skull and maxillofacial region like oral oncosurgeons will have opportunity to have fine 3D images with less exposure to the patient in comparison to CT.
CBCT has in a few years changed the practice of Otorhinology and dentistry. Computed tomography has been expanding rapidly and CBCT is the latest, most advanced generation of CTs. Cone Beam technology uses a cone shaped X-Ray beam that projects onto an amorphous silicon flat panel detector. The scanner rotates 360 degrees around a patient's head in a matter of seconds with the patient in a comfortable sitting/standing position.
The single turn motion image capture used in Cone Beam CT is quicker than conventional spiral motion, and can be accomplished at a lower radiation dose as a result of no overlap of slices. Cone beam CT provides views that can be presented as 3D volumes or 2D images for diagnosis and treatment planning. By adding Oracle CBCT to your practice, you will gain a full service imaging partner. Think of us as an extension of your practice. Call ORACLE CBCT today for all of your craniofacial and dental imaging needs.
Key features of Oracle CBCT
    Images are the highest of diagnostic value
    Lowest possible x-ray dose
    Quick and comfortable examination
    Rapid online reporting with online diagnostic consultation.
  Dedicated Diagnostic workup for Implants, TMJ, Salivary Glands, Sinuses and Benign and Malignant tumors.
   We have a free interactive viewer per your request for our CBCT scans.
  A copy of the images will be on a CD and are in either PDF or JPEG format for easymanagement.